adj., n., v., adv., & int.
1 (of conduct etc.) just, morally or socially correct (it is only right to tell you; I want to do the right thing).
2 true, correct; not mistaken (the right time; you were right about the weather).
3 less wrong or not wrong (which is the right way to town?).
4 more or most suitable or preferable (the right person for the job; along the right lines).
5 in a sound or normal condition; physically or mentally healthy; satisfactory (the engine doesn't sound right).
6 a on or towards the side of the human body which corresponds to the position of east if one regards oneself as facing north. b on or towards that part of an object which is analogous to a person's right side or (with opposite sense) which is nearer to a spectator's right hand.
7 (of a side of fabric etc.) meant for display or use (turn it right side up).
8 colloq. or archaic real; properly so called (made a right mess of it; a right royal welcome).
1 that which is morally or socially correct or just; fair treatment (often in pl.: the rights and wrongs of the case).
2 (often foll. by to, or to + infin.) a justification or fair claim (has no right to speak like that).
3 a thing one may legally or morally claim; the state of being entitled to a privilege or immunity or authority to act (a right of reply; human rights).
4 the right-hand part or region or direction.
5 Boxing a the right hand. b a blow with this.
6 (often Right) Polit. a a group or section favouring conservatism (orig. the more conservative section of a continental legislature, seated on the president's right). b such conservatives collectively.
7 the side of a stage which is to the right of a person facing the audience.
8 (esp. in marching) the right foot.
9 the right wing of an army.
1 (often refl.) restore to a proper or straight or vertical position.
2 a correct (mistakes etc.); set in order. b avenge (a wrong or a wronged person); make reparation for or to. c vindicate, justify, rehabilitate.
1 straight (go right on).
2 colloq. immediately; without delay (I'll be right back; do it right now).
3 a (foll. by to, round, through, etc.) all the way (sank right to the bottom; ran right round the block). b (foll. by off, out, etc.) completely (came right off its hinges; am right out of butter).
4 exactly, quite (right in the middle).
5 justly, properly, correctly, truly, satisfactorily (did not act right; not holding it right; if I remember right).
6 on or to the right side.
7 archaic very; to the full (am right glad to hear it; dined right royally).
—int. colloq. expressing agreement or assent.
Phrases and idioms:
as right as rain perfectly sound and healthy. at right angles placed to form a right angle. by right (or rights) if right were done. do right by act dutifully towards (a person). in one's own right through one's own position or effort etc. in the right having justice or truth on one's side. in one's right mind sane; competent to think and act. of (or as of) right having legal or moral etc. entitlement. on the right side of
1 in the favour of (a person etc.).
2 somewhat less than (a specified age).
put (or set) right
1 restore to order, health, etc.
2 correct the mistaken impression etc. of (a person). put (or set) to rights make correct or well ordered.
right about (or about-turn or about-face)
1 a right turn continued to face the rear.
2 a reversal of policy.
3 a hasty retreat. right and left (or right, left, and centre) on all sides. right angle an angle of 90°, made by lines meeting with equal angles on either side.
1 containing or making a right angle.
2 involving right angles, not oblique. right arm one's most reliable helper. right ascension see ASCENSION. right away (or off) immediately. right bank the bank of a river on the right facing downstream. right bower see BOWER(3). right field Baseball the part of the outfield to the right of the batter as he faces the pitcher.
right hand
1 = right-hand man.
2 the most important position next to a person (stand at God's right hand).
right-hand adj.
1 on or towards the right side of a person or thing (right-hand drive).
2 done with the right hand (right-hand blow).
3 (of a screw) = RIGHT-HANDED 4b. right-hand man an indispensable or chief assistant. Right Honourable Brit. a title given to certain high officials, e.g. Privy Counsellors. right-minded (or -thinking) having sound views and principles. right of search Naut. see SEARCH.
right of way
1 a right established by usage to pass over another's ground.
2 a path subject to such a right.
3 the right of one vehicle to proceed before another. right oh! (or ho!) = RIGHTO. right on! colloq. an expression of strong approval or encouragement. a right one Brit. colloq. a silly or foolish person. Right Reverend see REVEREND. right sphere Astron. see SPHERE. right turn a turn that brings one's front to face as one's right side did before. right whale any large-headed whale of the family Balaenidae, rich in whalebone and easily captured.
right wing
1 the right side of a football etc. team on the field.
2 the conservative section of a political party or system. right-wing adj. conservative or reactionary. right-winger a person on the right wing. right you are! colloq. an exclamation of assent. she's (or she'll be) right Austral. colloq. that will be all right. too right sl. an expression of agreement. within one's rights not exceeding one's authority or entitlement.
rightable adj. righter n. rightish adj. rightless adj. rightlessness n. rightness n.
Etymology: OE riht (adj.), rihtan (v.), rihte (adv.)

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